The Task of the Department of Education

Department of Educationhas a vital task for the implementation of national and state education. Because it was given the responsibility to implement and manage education in Indonesia. Moreover, education itself is one way out of a nation of retardation, so that the people could be more advanced and civilized.

Therefore, its role in education is vital and it takes all. It was solely because education is an important foundation for the sons and daughters of the nation. Like the famous words of the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who said that, “Anyone who has ever thought about the art of governing mankind, it will be convinced that the fate of a country will be determined by the education of youth.” Yes, in the case that the department of education also has a duty and heavy responsibility.

Because it has a duty as policy makers in the field of technical education. It is also the agency that manages the affairs of the welfare of teachers, preparation, management, and evaluators for each policy that is implemented in the education system of this country. Therefore, quality and progress of education in this country was dependent on the performance and skill in formulating and issuing policies. Therefore, it’s worth every element in it also must be selected and recruited well and properly, so that the later can strengthen the performance of the department of education.

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Higher Education for All

Higher education in Indonesia must be drafted in such a way that can be accessed by everyone. It did not look at the rich or poor, all are entitled to get a college education because even though Indonesia is the fourth most populous in the world. But in reality scholars in Indonesia is still comparatively few.

Even the percentage of people who could have higher education if the notice to the Central Agency of Statistics (BPS) in 2011, the number of students in Indonesia reached 4.8 million people. Even when measured against the population aged 19-24 years, the participation rate of about 18.4 percent of the new ballpark. That is, there are still many Indonesian population aged 19-24 years who are unable to access higher education.

So sad when we see the facts, but has become a necessity if a country wants a progress it through quality education and relevant solution. Because through this education will create a nation of knowledge and character. It was actually already set forth in the preamble of the Basic Law (constitution) in 1945 as one of the spirit of the goal state, i.e. the intellectual life of the nation. Even in article 3, paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution has been mentioned, that education is a right of citizens. Therefore, in this case the government is expected to be issued pro-people policies, so that all citizens can taste the bench higher education.

Special Education in Indonesia

Special education is the provision of education for learners with special needs or students who have incredible intelligence. Organized inclusively (join the regular school) or a special education unit at the level of primary and secondary education. During these children who have special needs or choose a different ability (disability) was schooled in a special place called Sekolah Luar Biasa (SLB).

It also turns out; consciously or unconsciously create groups with disabilities in social interaction in the community as the community became alienated from the social dynamics in the community. Community becomes familiar with the life of the disabled groups in special educationschools. While groups of disabled people themselves feel their existence is not an integral part of life in the surrounding communities

Whereas it is fitting Indonesian education system must be able to accommodate diversity. So it does not cause the emergence of the institution segmentation based on differences in religion, ethnicity, and even differences in both physical and mental abilities possessed by students. Because of the presence of segmentation and specialization of educational institution is the one who makes the inhibition of the students to learn to respect the reality of diversity in society. Therefore, it should be designed in such a way that education could leave a positive effect on the perpetrators, as well as in the administration of special education.

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